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Burlap Yellow | Drawstring Bag | Feed Sack | Variety Box
Bulk or Additional | Professional Popcorn Equipment

40 oz. Burlap Bag - Yellow Popcorn
Hybrid Yellow Popcorn Packaged in our Original Lil' Chief 40 oz. Burlap Bag - a tender and light butterfly kernel.

Prices (Freight Included)
4/ Burlap bags $34.20
7/ Burlap bags $46.41

Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

White, Click on graphic for larger image
10 lbs. Bulk Popcorn
Hybrid YELLOW or WHITE Popcorn
Packed in a sealed plastic bag (no Burlap)
Prices (Freight Included)
Hybrid YELLOW $30.46
Hybrid WHITE $33.70

Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

Drawstring, Click on graphic for larger imageLil' Chief Drawstring   
5/20 oz. Lil' Chief Burlap Drawstring Bags - Hybrid Yellow Popcorn - Butterfly Kernel.

Price (Freight Included)
5 Bags/20 oz. each $26.39

Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

Feedsack, Click on graphic for larger image
Feed Sack Fashions    Unique Item!

Price (Freight Included)
3/2 lb. Bags $29.16

2 lbs. of Hybrid Yellow, Tender Kernel, Gourmet Popcorn. Original cotton feed sack fabric is used for each bag of Feed Sack Popcorn. Feed Sack Fashions popping corn is carefully placed in cotton sacks printed with authentic designs from the past.

The fabric is doubled for each bag and when unfolded becomes a usable piece of material 15" x 25" in size. Ideal for: Quilting Squares, Tea Towels, Place Mats, Napkins, Doll Clothing or other Craft Projects. Designs may vary from those shown, but each carries with it a memory of days gone by, of rural thriftiness, and of recycling Americana.

Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

Variety Box  Perfect for the Popcorn Lover!
Gift, Click on graphic for larger imageContains:
  • 2/2 lb. Bags of Feed Sack Fashions
  • 3/20 oz. Bag of Lilí Chief Drawstring

Price (Freight Included) $34.97

Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

Bulk, Click on graphic for larger image
50 lb. Bags or 2000 lb. Totes (see picture)

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Stock Popcorn Co., Inc.

Professional Popcorn Equipment
Professional Popcorn Equipment
We have a complete line of Popcorn Machines and Matching Carts for use in Commercial and Consumer Environments.

Please contact us for prices and details.

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